Delta Mass

A Database of Protein Post
Translational Modifications



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This page is dedicated to the memories of
Finn Wold
and Ken Mitchelhill


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This resource was originally compiled by

Ken Mitchelhill

using a compilation of data from:

  • Krishna, R. G. and F. Wold (1998). Posttranslational Modifications. Proteins - Analysis and Design. R. H. Angeletti. San Diego, Academic Press. 1: 121-206.
  • VG Biotech/VG Analytical, Manchester, United Kingdom
  • Applied Biosystems Inc, Foster City, CA Quick Reference Guide (ABIQR30-BI-0291)
  • Methods in Enzymology, 193, J.A. McCloskey (ed) (1990), pages 647-660
  • Methods in Protein Sequence Analysis edited by Kazutomo Imahori and Fumio Sakiyama, Plenum Press, (1993) "Post-translational modifications of proteins" R.G. Krishna and F. Wold pages 167-172
  • PE Sciex, 71 Four Valley Drive, Concord, Ontario, Canada, L4K 4V8

plus personal communications from:

Gary Hathaway, Dirk Krapf, Gary Lange, Jannelle Lauer, Ken Walsh, Cynthia Fields, Lowell Ericsson, John Wade, Gert Talbo, Vish Katta, Ron Haaseth, Stephen Bayne, Dan McCormick, Tony Houthaeve, Jim Bloom, Mike Hubbard, Rod Levine, Michael D.Knierman, Len Packman, Frank Masiarz, Surinder Kaur, Salvatore Sechi, Mark E. Hail, Steven L. Cohen, Marc Wilkins, Reed Harris, Kieran Geoghegan, Bruce Livett, John Stults, Divakaramenon Venugopa, John Rush, Paul Tempst. Additional contributors since the original compilation are acknowledged in individual entries.

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