Metabolomics Research Group (MRG)
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Metabolomics is the comprehensive profiling of metabolites and other small molecules. The large structural diversity of these compounds makes both comprehensive profiling and identification challenging. The major platforms are NMR and mass spectrometry, particularly LC/MS and GC/MS. There is currently a great variety of approaches, including untargeted profiling, targeted approaches, and fluxomics. Both semi-quantitative and quantitative approaches can be used. Challenges include identification of metabolites and how they change in relation to a biological perturbation (e.g. drug, diet, disease) and determining the biological significance of these changes. The Metabolomics Research Group consists of members from academic core and research laboratories, industrial analytical laboratories and providers of metabolomic services, analytical standards and instrumentation. The aims of the Metabolomics Research Group are a) to educate research scientists and resource facilities in the analytical approaches and management of data resulting from comprehensive metabolite studies and b) to promote the science and standardization of metabolomic analyses for a variety of applications. Group efforts will also include conducting surveys and organizing sessions at the annual ABRF meeting to explore the current state of the art in the field and the organization of research studies.

Current Membership
Chris W Turck (Chair) - Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry
Stephen Brown
Dr. Amrita K. Cheema - Georgetown University
Dr. Andrew Patterson - Penn State University
Dr. Allis S. Chien (Liaison) - Stanford University

1) The Metabolomics Research Group has organized and finished its first Research Study. Results of the study were presented at the ABRF 2014 conference in Albuquerque, NM. A manuscript summarizing the MRG study results has been accepted for publication in JBT.
    - MRG2013 Study Announcement
    - MRG2013 Amrita Cheema Presentation
    - MRG2013 Study Results (18K)
2) The MRG has conducted a survey to collect data on the current use of metabolomics technologies in core facilities. Questions were designed to elicit responses concerning the current level of interest in the field of metabolomics, and for those already offering a metabolomics service to find out what instrumentation is used, types of application, etc. The results of the survey were presented at the ABRF2010 meeting during the MRG session.
    - MRG2010 Survey

1) The NIH ‘Common Funds Metabolomics Program’ held its first annual meeting in Ann Arbor, Michigan September 27-29, 2013 at Michigan Regional Comprehensive Metabolomics Research Core (MRC2). The program currently supports a variety of initiatives for increasing national capacity in metabolomics including three ‘Regional Comprehensive Metabolomics Research Cores’ (RCMRC), a ‘Data Repository and Coordination Center’ (DRCC), technology development, education and training grants and several administrative supplements. More information on initiatives can be obtained at
    - Metabolomics Annual Program Meeting
2) MRG member Amrita Cheema's presentation "Applications of Metabolomics to Bio-medical research" at ABRF2013
    - Amrita Cheema Presentation
3) MRG members Bill Wikoff, Vladimir Tolstikov and John Asara presented details on ongoing MRG Study, metabolomics core laboratories and research projects at ABRF2011.
    - Bill Wikoff Presentation
    - Vladimir Tolstikov Presentation
4) William Wikoff of the MRG organized a Satellite Workshop entitled 'An Introduction to Metabolomics' at ABRF2011. The workshop was intended for the scientist who wants an introduction to metabolomics, with an emphasis on practical, mass spectrometry-based approaches. The entire process of metabolomics, from study design to data processing and analysis was presented. Topics included: types of detectors and their relative merits for specific metabolomics applications(including standard and specialized instruments), methods for sample extraction peak integration, data alignment, software, and data analysis with an emphasis on selecting straightforward approaches appropriate for a given problem. Approaches to biomarker discovery and metabolomics in drug discovery were discussed and a review of selected case studies from the literature were included.
    - ABRF2011 Satellite Workshop
5) The newly formed 'Metabolomics Research Group' held its first session at ABRF2010. Presentation topics included survey results and metabolomics core facilities.
    - Chris Turck Presentation
    - Tom O'Connell Presentation (3,731K)
    - Pavel Aronov Presentation (628K)
    - Vladimir Tolstikov Presentation (2,608K)
6) Bill Wikoff (MRG chair) organized the ‘Metabolomics Scientific Session’ at ABRF2010. Three prominent scientists in the field spoke about technologies and applications.
    - Bill Wikoff Presentation
    - Oliver Fiehn Presentation
    - David Wishart Presentation
    - Chris Beecher Presentation

1) A positivenegative ion–switching, targeted mass spectrometry– based metabolomics platform for bodily fluids, cells, and fresh and fixed tissue
    - Targeted metabolomics platform
2) Validated high quality automated metabolome analysis of Arabidopsis Thaliana leaf disks
    - Arabidopsis Thaliana metabolome analysis
3) Small molecule metabolite extraction strategy for improving LC/MS detection
    - Small molecule metabolite extraction (1,587K)

Membership History
Member Name Organization Details
Dr. Pavel Aronov Stanford University  Member: 03/09 - 03/12
Dr. John M Asara Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center  Member: 03/10 - 03/15
Dr. Christopher Colangelo Primary Ion  EB Liaison: 03/14 - 03/15
Dr. Nathan Dodder NIST  Member: 03/09 - 03/10
Dr. Brenda Kesler Thermo Fisher Scientific  Member: 03/09 - 02/11
Dr Thomas Neubert New York Univ Sch of Med  Member: 03/14 - 03/15
Liaison: 03/13 - 03/14
Dr Thomas M. O'Connell University of North Carolina  Member: 03/09 - 11/10
Dr. Brett S Phinney Proteomics Core UC Davis Genome Center  EB Liaison: 02/11 - 03/12
Prof. Vladimir Shulaev University of North Texas  Member: 03/10 - 03/13
Jack Simpson US Pharmacopeia  EB Liaison: 04/12 - 03/13
Dr. Vladimir V. Tolstikov UC Davis Genome Center  Member: 03/09 - 05/12
Chris W Turck Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry  Ad hoc: 02/11 - 05/12
EB Liaison: 03/10 - 02/11
Dr. William R. Wikoff University of California, Davis  Chair: 03/10 - 05/12
Member: 03/09 - 03/10
Member: 05/12 - 03/13