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Problem with Peak Scanner ver 1.0
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Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2007 13:36:10 -0400
From: <zianni.1@osu.edu>
To: ABRF@list.abrf.org
Subject: Problem with Peak Scanner ver 1.0

I am having problems analyzing genotyping files, .fsa, with Peak Scanner software. Specifically, the files are TRFLP samples with LIZ1200 as the size standard and Peak Scanner is unable to present the electropherogram or peak table although it states analysis was successful.  The data is good, and analysis works perfectly with GeneMapper. Peak Scanner works well with our fsa files that have microsatellite data with LIZ600.  Many of our clients like the use of Peak Scanner so they can review the electropherograms without having to purchase GeneMapper.

Has anyone used Peak Scanner to successfully analyze fsa files with LIZ1200 size standards?

Mike Zianni
Plant-Microbe Genomics Facility
Ohio State University