The ABRF President's Award

The President's Award is given on rare occasion, in special recognition of an ABRF member who has gone far beyond the call of volunteerism and provided exceptional and enduring service to the ABRF.

Julie Auger - 2021

Nicholas Ambulos - 2020

Roy Martin - 2019

ABRF President presenting award on stage

Roy Martin is Senior Field Marketing Manager in Biological Mass Spectrometry for the Waters Corporation.  He has been attending ABRF meetings since the late 1990s, and has actively served on the ABRF Proteomics Research Group, Corporate Advisory Committee, and Education Committee.  Because of Roy, Waters Corporation has sponsored the ABRF Poster Awards for so long that they are usually referred to as the Waters Poster Awards.

Roy is an integral part of the ABRF family.  He pays it forward:

  • "He is extremely encouraging to young talent at ABRF."
  • "His advocacy for younger scientists goes to the core values of ABRF."
  • "He brings a huge amount of experience, expertise and viewpoints that help ABRF members."

Roy bridges two worlds:

  • "Roy effortlessly traverses the academic and private industry worlds, helping members from both sides of the aisle."
  • "He has been an invaluable advisor to ABRF leadership in developing and maintaining our relationship with our industry partners"
  • "Roy has shepherded the business side of science into the ABRF."

Roy is a quintessential ABRF member:

  • "He has been a pillar of ABRF, not only securing sponsorships but actively participating in ABRF endeavors."
  • "ABRF is a stronger society because Roy chooses to be engaged and make a difference."
  • "Roy's honesty, integrity, and passion for good science set an example for all of us."


Phil Hockberger - 2017

Headshot of Phil Hockberger

Phil Hockberger has been chosen to receive the Presidential Award based on his invaluable leadership and unflagging enthusiasm for ABRF since he joined the organization. Phil was a founding member of the first ABRF regional chapter, the Midwest Association of Core Directors, and co-organized the first two meetings held in Chicago. Among his other contributions, Phil has been an active member of the Light Microscopy Research group helping to increase the ABRF light microscopy program; he was a founding member of the highly successful Core Administrators Network which has become a major segment of the ABRF community; he is a leader in the Career Development Committee; and he Chaired the Program Committee for the ABRF 2014 annual meeting.  Both officially and unofficially, Phil has mentored many ABRF members and impacted their careers for the better. 

Brian Hampton - 2014

headshot of Brian Hampton

This special recognition is given on occasion to an ABRF member who has gone far beyond the call of volunteerism for the association, characterized by commitment, consistency, intensity, and impact.  Brian Hampton is the recipient of the first Presidential Award for his unflagging commitment over the years, and especially his herculean volunteer efforts in the past year for ABRF, which have given ABRF a new conference website and abstract management system.  His efforts have enabled us to make significant progress along our website restructuring roadmap, and have paved the way to take them to completion in the future.