Chapters Advisory Board

The Chapters Advisory Board (CAB) is comprised of the leadership of the ABRF Chapters and the ABRF Executive Board.  The CAB meets regularly to discuss, advise, and oversee matters central to the mutual and coordinated efforts across the regional meetings and ABRF interests.

Current Membership

Diane Miller – (Chair, EB Liaison) WACD
Marie Adams - ABRF President
Pritha Bagchi - SEASR
Kathy Brundage - MAD SSCi
Tim Bushnell - NERLSCD
Lyra Griffiths - SEASR
Gene Hess - WACD
Michelle Itano - MAD SSCi
Claudia Lalancette - MWACD
Stuart Levine – NERLSCD
Justine Kigenyi - ABRF Treasurer
Jessi Pirtle - MWACD