There's no better way to share the value of ABRF than hearing directly from your peers.

Whether you are a staff scientist, technician, or core administrator, ABRF is your professional home.

Here is what some of your colleagues have to say when asked how they benefit from ABRF:

"ABRF provides an easy way to network with other cores--a very valuable resource!"

“We work in a university core laboratory. ABRF is uniquely focused on our type of organization.”

“ABRF is a great resource. It's nice to be able to collaborate, commiserate, and learn from/with others.”

“ABRF provides a wealth of information for directors and technicians in core facilities.”

“Most of my colleagues are lab directors and being an ABRF member will help them promote their business and networking.”

“People who run Service Cores are often isolated from others who perform the same services. Organizations such as ABRF help members explore problems and develop best practices.”

“It is good to see how other labs deal with some of the problems we see.”

“ABRF provides many opportunities for scientists working in Core facilities”

“We do not get trained to be core managers. ABRF lets us learn from our peers.”

“Knowledge exchange, networking opportunities, helpful RG studies, interesting annual meetings, great members”

“Interactions with friendly, knowledgeable ABRF community”

“Networking with knowledgable, helpful people.”

“networking, keeping up to date with technologies, learn new techniques, improve current techniques and/workflows”

“By having an opportunity to network with people who are in a similar position as themselves.”

“I am an administrator, not a scientist, and so the benefits I have received have been in the area of center and facility management. I have recommended ABRF to other colleagues at my institution as well as from other similar smaller institutions, also with small, growing research facilities because there has been a high level of experience sharing and networking at all the ABRF meetings that I have attended.”

“Networking with like minded individuals, and finding available resources nationwide/internationally.”

“ABRF provides guidance and support for directors of shared resource facilities to enable them to provide the best services possible at their institutions.”

“ABRF is a fantastic organization that allows members to network and provides them with professional support and information, unlike any other professional organization.”

“Networking, learning how to operate a core both scientifically and administratively.”

“Provides help & support for streamlining core operations and a network for troubleshooting”

“Core facility colleagues would benefit by exposure to other core staff and enhanced opportunities for communication/networking.”

“Membership provides a networking opportunity between people of similar interests. It is an opportunity to see how others in similar positions handle the day to day challenges."

“Learn about and share best practices for core facility management and operations, exposure to the latest technologies and new scientific developments, networking with colleagues, interactions with vendors”

“I think this is a great organization and I very much appreciate all of the hard work that is put in by the organizers and leadership.”

“ABRF was very helpful to me in the beginning of my career and I am willing to help others succeed in theirs”